Commercial Production Dallas

Whether your broadcast advertising needs are local, national or public service announcements (PSAs), our team has over 125 years of expertise in positioning your commercial to reach your target market.

Our commercials are always broadcast quality whether digital or High Definition format. Need a popular voice or face? We have the ability to book local and national figures. this includes movie stars, a Hollywood actor or actress.

Media Buying Services

Our specialty is direct response broadcast advertising via commercials. Whether you want your commercial aired to get the viewer to go to your website or to make your phone ring, our 24 years experience of target media buying has proven to give over 30% better response results than the national average. Let us test your commercial with our target media buying solutions.


Commercials are all about effective communication.  Determining the creative presentation of a :15 , :30 or :60 second spot is about researching your market, what they respond to most readily and the position that your product needs to have for them to respond “your way”.  So, just being able to provide video production services is only half of the process.  With over 24 years of experience in video production in Dallas, Texas, we have been through the process with our varied list of clients hundreds of times.  There is no product or service too hard for us to communicate to your audience.  And by the way, we are not going to use the latest “funky” camera techniques or editing bells and whistles and say we are producing “hot” video production programs.  It  is all about effective market response.  How the program makes the viewer “feel” after viewing is the point.  People buy based on emotion and then justify their purchase with logic.  We want to give them the “feeling” and the “logic” in what we produce for you.  This is why we also provide Media Buying Services so that we can test the effectiveness of the creative direction and content of the video production.  Aesthetically speaking, we can produce your commercials in HD (High Definition) video or provide a film production (16mm). 

Whether you want a video production, HD video production or a film production OR you are going to distribute the commercials via broadcast, streaming video on your website, play in your tradeshow booth presentation, pass it out on a DVD or shaped CD or DVD or utilized in a face to face presentation, we would love to help you with your project.  So, call or e-mail us TODAY for a free quote.