Marketing with Video Production

Television produced on video or film is one of the most effective and efficient mediums to communicate the capabilities of your company’s products, services and benefits of doing business with you and your organization. And now distribution is so easy. From a program on DVD to exposing your organization to the world through the internet, we produce in as many as 72 languages. What an incredible opportunity.

Many ask how we can produce a program when we know nothing of their business or industry. Actually, it is an advantage. We will create a program that “leaves no stone unturned” so to speak. We will produce a program that we understand therefore anyone in your audience will understand it as well. From the least to the most knowledgeable.

We begin with a blank piece of paper, examine your target market(s) and gather all of the pertinent information. We create two or more creative concepts that fit your budget, write the script, shoot, create animation (where applicable) , edit (rough cut and final) and then deliver your program(s) on DVD and / or web compatible medium. No project is too large or too small.

Music is an very important element. Most producers and directors are primarily interested in the visual aspects of the video. However, people buy based on how they feel, then they justify their purchase with logic. This is why the music track is as important as any other element. Our Producer / Director’s first degree is in music. We will produce a balanced and effective program utilizing all available tools.

Whether marketing, training or commercials, this entire process is designed to give you, the client, control throughout the project. You are in control at all times of its content, budget and the look of the final project.

Are you for-profit or non-profit, local, national or international, utilizing a skillfully planned, scripted and executed television program will yield some of the greatest dividends of any marketing tool ever utilized.

We can also help you with branding your company, products and services, search engine optimization (SEO) along with highly targeted, unusually high results media buying.

Please read further to know more in depth about the effectiveness and efficiency of utilizing a video marketing program in your marketing mix.

When Video Direct-Marketing Is Particularly Effective

  • For products or services that are distinguished by motion or sound; prospects can see and hear the benefits especially when testimonials are utilized
  • For services that are complicated to explain or need to be demonstrated; you can be sure your message is getting through completely and accurately
  • For big-ticket products, services or fundraising; a video says "you are important"
  • When you want to show prospects how you make a product, perform a service or to demonstrate quality, precision, efficiency, effectiveness and etc.
  • For personal, remote services; a video lets you bring it right into the prospect's home or office, allowing the presenter to enter an otherwise private world

When was the last time you saw a 30% conversion (buy) rate from a direct-mail package? Not often these days. 1% is considered successful. As consumers get busier and their mailboxes get fuller, they're more likely to toss your brochure or letter than even to open it, let alone read it, not to mention respond. Video programs distributed via direct mail, personal presentations or website are seeing very impressive results.

Benefits of Video Marketing

Video marketing is a relatively new trend in the area of ever-changing, innovative marketing strategies. It's at the intersection of digital video and traditional internet marketing strategies.

Video marketing cannot and does not replace or substitute existing internet marketing strategies — strategies like affiliate marketing, article marketing or pay-per-click campaigns. However, it adds great value and can significantly leverage these existing marketing techniques.

Traditional internet marketing, or Web 1.0 marketing, involved product and service marketing through static interaction, primarily text based web pages. "Brochure-ware" pages were just an extension of the traditional advertising model. Web 2.0 has turned this concept on its head. Potential customers are no longer restricted to reading static text about products and services. In other words, potential customers can interact with you—and the content you publish.

Enter video marketing, which plugs video into the interaction — giving Web 2.0 a whole new dimension. Despite the social characteristics of Web 2.0, it still lacks the all important face to face interaction. This is where video marketing comes in. It allows you to blend your message and personality into the consumer's online experience, influencing the consumer in their buying (giving) decisions.

Benefits of Web Video Marketing

Video has an inherent appeal to audiences. Most of us want to "see" something before we want to "read" something. In the context of internet marketing, video can be used to enhance the consumer experience by educating the viewer about products or services, putting a face on a company, and building a company brand.

A video that demonstrates how a product works, with customer reviews, would provide solid evidence that the product or service can indeed solve a particular problem. It sets off emotional triggers that static text simply cannot do, ultimately influencing buying decisions.

On the flip side, video can also turn away customers. How? If a video doesn't show what a buyer needs, or doesn’t appeal emotionally, like a television station they simply click to something else. In the new world of social and interactive marketing, it's still better to have lost a customer rather than have a dissatisfied customer.

The "on-demand" characteristic of video marketing is another great benefit. Videos can be downloaded and viewed anytime. Instead of losing customers to potentially boring text, they can take your information and view it when they want, even offline. The saying of , “timing is everything” applies here. Your presentation can be delivered the very second a person is saying, “Yes, I’m ready to see and hear about your product or service, now”.

There are many benefits to video marketing. Not the least of which is an additional marketing message outlet. The more outlets you use, the more customers (donors) you will reach.

Three Uses For Direct-Marketing Videos

Begin thinking about how to use video for marketing your product or service by understanding three basic types:

  • Video Direct-Mail; you mail your marketing video directly to a targeted list
  • Video Direct-Response; you send your video to prospects who request it after seeing your "free marketing video" (DVD) offer in another media (e.g., an infomercial, a direct-mail brochure, a magazine ad, an Internet homepage)
  • Video Premium; you offer a marketing video either free or at a significant discount as an incentive to fill out a survey, sign up for a newsletter or subscribe to an e-mail notification list. Or, responding to any of the aforementioned would generate a password that would allow web access to the video instantly !

Video direct-response makes the most sense for organizations with limited audiences (e.g., for large amount purchases or donations). By allowing customers to self-select the target audience, video (DVD) becomes a very cost-effective tool. Lexus automobiles, for example, knows that only a small percentage of the population will be interested in purchasing one of its luxury cars. So they started with a marketing piece offering a free video. From the 11% who responded, an amazing 5,500 cars were sold - over an 8% conversion rate for a truly big-ticket item.