Sculpted CD’s

Short message to reinforce TV/radio media.
Art/Photography Collection
Catalog images for viewing.
Annual Report
Highlight all financial data in an interactive presentation. Include link to company web site.
Photo/description/price list of items for sale, i.e., furniture, cameras, electronics, ... etc., and then e-mail order form.
Celebrity Spokesperson
Use a celebrity or sports star to sell your products or services.
Christmas/Holiday Promotion
Send a message to employees or customers.
Company Brochures
Explains who you are, what you do, how well you do it and who your customers are. Include a link to your web site.
Company Headquarters
Create a virtual tour of your company's building, facilities and grounds.
Computer Software
Full software versions for all applications or previews.
Use for entrance tickets, backstage passes or tickets for VIPs.
Corporate Message
Send a message from the President, CFO or board.
Include coupons for selling durable goods, such as cars, RVs or big screen TVs.
Cross Promotions
Retailers can co-op costs with a manufacturer or vendor to preview products. Vendor can include advertising message.
Direct Mail
Mail in a 5" X 5" sleeve to market products and services
Employee Benefits
Highlight key points of employee benefits, including insurance, holidays, vacation days... etc.
Financial Report
Use to send quarterly message to shareholders.
Sell CDs to schools and schools sell them at a premium to parents and neighbors
Grand Openings
Mail to residents in the trading area of a new bank, grocery store, restaurant, etc.
How To’s
Show customers how to use products/services.
Human Resources
Use for interactive testing of applicants and for curriculum/testing for employees.
Audio, video, still picture presentation of company products or services.
New Product Introductions
Use to highlight new products or services.
Press Release
Distribute to media and trade press to highlight recent news about your company.
Product Previews
Allow the consumer to see and hear previews of books, games, videos, audio CDs, information ads... etc.
Use an interactive survey to gather data from customers, then click to e-mail the results immediately.
Retail CDs
Sell informative programs, such as gardening, cooking, auto repair, home building etc.
An original way to present your software on CD-Rom..
Trade Show/Event Promotions
Market the benefits of attending the events and provide an on-line registration form to e-mail.
Use for all types of training. Program testing to track and evaluate answers and then e-mail results.
Travel Tours
Create a tour of destinations and include all information for trip planning.

In other words, Sculptured (shaped) DVDs sm or (shaped) CDs sm uses are basically unlimited in applications for market, training or any other scenario that involves distribution of information via data, print or media of any form. Crystal Production Group, Inc, was the very first Dallas video production company that offered a turn-key service to produce shaped DVDs and shaped CDs. This also means that we provide DVD duplication / replication and CD duplication / replication for an or of a hundred to hundreds of thousands. We also provide the service of developing, designing and printing packaging especially made for shaped DVDs and shaped CDs as well as the standard round, mini-DVDs and mini-CDs.