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Crystal Production Group offers you the chance to expand your marketing even greater through online video production. Why? The answer is very simple: Internet traffic keeps growing massively every year. (Please see our Top 10 Reasons to Use Online Video Production.)

Most people would rather watch an online video or website video than on TV; as well as shopping online rather than going to the store. What better way to research the 5 or 6 companies that provide a service you are looking for and narrow it down to two before contacting them. Showcasing online videos not only on your website but video hosting websites as well, markets and advertises your business in a creative and most effective way, getting your clients attention. And because the internet is accessible virtually everywhere, you have more chances of advertising your product or services through computers, cell phones and tablets instead of just television. And so much more economical.

The best part of this scenario is that with this technology available, your budget could afford online video production. We offer broadcast quality production services with professional producers, directors, scriptwriters, camera crew, editors, professional talent and a very experienced creative team.

Crystal Production Group, with over nearly 30 years of experience, looks forward to helping your grow your business by utilizing the very economical power of marketing and advertising through website video production and online video production.

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Top 10 Reasons to Use Online Video Production and Website Video Production

1. The consumer buys based on a feeling and then justifies their purchase with logic. When was the last time that you derived a feeling from reading marketing text on a website? But you will arrive at your own feeling and opinion after listening and watching interviews with satisfied customers, employees and even the President or CEO. Don’t forget the part that music plays in helping you know how to feel about what you are viewing.

2. Cisco predicts that by 2013, 90% of all online web traffic will be generated by video.

3. According to Forrester research, online video SEO is 52 times more likely to drive a 1st page search result than traditional SEO. Google concurs with this number.

4. Kelsey Group study found that 55% of people who view a web site video visit the company’s website and 24% make a purchase as a result of watching the online video.

5. A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words according to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research. (Forrester, January 2009)

6. Video in email marketing has been shown to increase click-through rates by over 96%. In response, the number of marketers planning to use online video in email campaigns has increased 5x since the beginning of 2009. (Implix 2010 Email Marketing Trends Survey)

7. As of July 2012, 85.5 percent of the U.S. Internet audience viewed online video.

8. Roughly 66% of the world’s mobile data traffic will be website video by 2014.

9. 57% of respondents said they would watch online video before reading text on the same webpage, and 22% said they generally liked watching website video more than browsing text for examining business information.

10. 65% of U.S. executives surveyed by Forbes in October 2010 visit a vendor’s website after viewing a work-related online video. 42% then made a business related purchase.

Production Articles

Seeing is Believing

The most believable medium in America other than a close friend, family or relative is television. In a matter of seconds, the mind accepts that you are watching a TV program even though you may be viewing it through a computer monitor or projection screen. Many will doubt what they have heard but most accept information that they have “seen”.

Memory: Auditory memory lasts in Random Access Memory (R.A.M.) an average of 3.5 seconds. If the information is not connected to pre-existing memory cells (i.e. previous experience or education), the information is lost. However, visual memory lasts in Random Access Memory (R.A.M) up to 72 hours. In that time period, the brain has most likely connected it to other information thus in memory.

How Effective IS Video?

Many studies over the years corroborate the persuasive effectiveness of video programs. The Wharton School of Business showed that video boosts comprehension and retention by 50% over a live presentation. Other industry studies have shown that video expedites buying decisions by 72% versus print. And that six times as many people prefer a video to printed information.

Recent case studies indicate that 97% of videos are watched at some point. Because of their high perceived value (roughly $10) videos (DVDs) have staying power - unlike a print piece that will more often than not be trashed upon receipt. Some studies suggest that as many as 94% of video direct-marketing recipients will pass their copy along to another viewer. Remember that in the promotional, communication, fundraising or sales process, there is always a person(s) on the inside of the entity being presented to that is championing your cause. A video presentation gives them the perfect material to present your case to those you may never know about or meet . They now do not have to depend on them to create presentation material on their own. Just plug and play.

An obvious advantage of video over print is that video involves more of the senses; it sells your product or service using sight, sound, and emotion. Your prospects are more engaged, and thus more likely to be convinced. Most importantly, we all know that people are persuaded or buy a product or service based on emotion and justify their decision with logic.

As veterans of over 24 years of video production in Dallas Texas, we have seen companies, their products and services grow in size and increase in sales because they ventured into communicating to their clients in a better, more effective manner via television (video production).  Whether you want to use it in a live presentation, put it on a (shaped) DVD or (shaped) CD, or utilize streaming video on your website, you can depend on us to produce a program(s) beyond your hopes.  Just helping a company standardize their message is a tremendous step toward growth and stability.  Most importantly, we have helped many companies use video for the first time.  We make it low cost, hassle free, friendly, effective and clear communication.  Whether you need a film production, HD (High Definition) video production or standard video production, a training video, a marketing video, or a set of commercials (national or local), we make it easy and fun.

Call or e-mail us today for a free quote.  Let us take that task off of your “to do list” or “wish list” and make it come true.