Characteristics of Sculptured DVDssmand CDssm

  1. Worldwide format:
    DVDs can be designed for any format used around the world. CDs are universal worldwide.
  2. Digitized color and sound:
    When a video is played, every machine is in a different state of repair and every monitor is adjusted differently. So the color and sound quality is always different. With a digitized picture and sound, the quality is the same from machine to machine around the world.
  3. Artistic with print and shape: Print communication has done a good job of keeping us interested with new and different colors and designs. Now, those colors are enhanced by placing a shape around them potentially making the DVD or CD a work of art.
  4. Compact, light, easy to store: Bulky catalogues, magazines, videos and brochures have always been a nuisance by taking up precious storage space. One DVD or CD-Rom can contain thousands of pages of text, hundreds of pictures one to two hours of full frame video. The disk is small, thin and very light.
  5. Low costs for postage: A DVD or CD can be mailed for less than $.50 first class. The savings is even greater for international mailings.
  6. Non-Linear Interactivity: A DVD can be programmed to search its contents and select your topics and interests as quickly as a website or the entire internet. Using a video requires that you start from the beginning and watch until the end. DVD programming can divide the program into segments allowing you to immediately select what portion interests you via the menu.
  7. Virtually unlimited contents and uses: Text, audio, video, order forms, games, web site links are just some of the elements that can be incorporated. And the uses are only limited by your imagination. See our list of ideas and illustrations entitled "Uses of Sculptured DVDssm & CDssm".
  8. Multiple targets and multiple languages: The interactive characteristics of a DVD also allows different programs to be presented to multiple markets. Multiple languages can be made available on the very same disk.
  9. Low cost of replication: When compared to the cost of duplication of print materials , the Sculptured DVD sm or CD sm costs the same or less depending on quantities.
  10. Collector’s Items: Those who receive the DVDs & CDs will most likely look to view the contents and then keep them and show them to colleagues and friends due to the size, novelty and artistic attraction and perceived value.


For many of us, the way to market and advertise is to “broadcast” (especially video) our message to our target market.  Whether distributed via television, print, newspaper or magazine.  However, as pointed out in the book The Millennium Matrix, the ways of getting out the message is now shifted from “broadcast”  to “digital”.  Texting, social media, websites, Mp3, CDs, DVDs with more options everyday.  So, as these media become normal and average, there needs to be a way to cause your choice of distributing your message to stand out from the crowd and be seen and remembered.  What a better way than to deliver your message on a Sculptured (shaped) CD or Sculptured (shaped) DVD.  They will carry the same characteristics as a standard CD or DVD but actually goes above and beyond the parameters of a collectable item.  First, most people don’t know that they play in their computers.  Then the shape and graphics communicate the message of  your product or service.  Having a small size, artistic visual value and then containing valuable information on the play side makes this form of communication not only beyond collectible but effective, efficient and makes your company stand out for a very long time.  Crystal Production Group, Inc., a full service, turn-key, video production company in Dallas, Texas has over 24 years of video production expertise to provide an effective message on the back of your (shaped) CD or (shaped) DVD.  We have over 14 years experience in producing these discs from creative shape concept / design through packaging, CD duplication / replication and DVD duplication / replication.  And can you believe it, we can now put scents in the printing ink on a standard CD or DVD as well as the (shaped) CD or (shaped) DVD.

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