Training Video Production

Television used for training any audience can be a powerful communication tool. This is made more effective when used with clearly planned goals and outcome objectives. Training professionals experience their students retaining more information, grasping abstract concepts more rapidly and are much more enthusiastic about what they are learning when watching a video program.

Training and marketing programs are similar in their elements. Both have factors of informing and persuasion. Training videos have a heavier burden for informing but persuasion must also be present. If the viewer is informed but is not persuaded to apply the information, then the training is a waste of time and effort.

The reason television (video or film) works so well is that it contains all of the elements of communication. The words (script) tells the viewer what you are presenting. The visual “interprets” what the words mean in the script. Or, what you mean by what is being said. This is why television requires little or no education on a subject. Then the music tells the viewer / listener how to feel about what they are seeing, understanding and hearing. Combining these elements makes television one of the most powerful education and persuasion tools.

Music is an very important element. Most producers and directors are primarily interested in the visual aspects of the video. However, people buy (take in knowledge) based on how they feel, then they justify their beliefs with logic. This is why the music track is as important as any other element. Our Producer / Director’s first degree is in music. We will produce a balanced and effective program.

This is why we provide a turn-key service beginning with an idea that you may have. A blank piece of paper if you please. We help you determine your focus of the program, provide creative approaches, write the script, shoot, edit and deliver on formats such as DVD. This is typically called a “script to screen” service. All of the elements of the program must have continuity with the purposes and goals of the video. For a seamless and consistent message, it is best that one entity create, guide and execute the entire project. Our nearly 30 years experience has reinforced this lesson time and again so our clients get the very best results.

Whether your needs are for marketing, training or commercials, this entire process is designed to give you, the client, control throughout the project. You are in control at all times of its content, budget and the look and feel of the final project. We feel no one knows your business or message better than you so who better to share with your prospective clients?

Regardless if you are for-profit or non-profit, local, national or international, utilizing a skillfully planned, scripted and executed television program will yield some of the greatest dividends of any training tool ever utilized.

Crystal Production Group, Inc. was one of the very first video production companies to produce training on video versus slides.  A Dallas video production company with nearly three decades of not only shooting the training video but working with each of our clients to develop the script to make it more effective and interesting to your viewers.  Whether you desire to put your program on a DVD, place it on your website as a streaming video, host it online or use it in your tradeshow booth, place it on a shaped CD or DVD or in a live presentation, we would love to help you with your next set of training video productions.       

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